This is supposed to be a civilized society, but how can it be when leaving the scene of an accident is not a serious crime? Many people, when they are involved in a car crash, immediately speed away for fear of being caught? They don't even bother to check and see if the person they have hit is still breathing. But staying at the scene of an accident, applying first aid and calling for an ambulance can save someone's life.

People are scared that the police are going to extort huge amounts of money from them if they remain at the scene of an accident, or they are afraid that they will have to pay for the hospital bills of the person they have hit.

But if you hit someone and leave them lying in the middle of the road, what kind of person are you? You may escape from the authorities, but you cannot escape from your conscience. (And remember not taking a life is supposed to be a sacred tenet of the Buddhist faith)

Lest people think this is a rant just against Thais, I've known several farangs, who I would normally regard as being law-abiding citizens, who have also gotten into accidents, and sped away for fear of having to pay exorbitant penalties.

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There should be such a thing as "real" driver's education in Thailand, and taking a first aid course should also be mandatory requirement for getting your license. Practicallyanyone can get a driver's license now, the driver's tests are a joke and ridiculously easy. But driving is a privilege and it is a right that must be earned.

It is essential that drivers in this country start showing more road etiquette. You have turn signals for a reason - don't just cut in front of someone - always look and signal before you change lanes or make a turn. And why do people in this country follow so closely? You should always leave yourself some room between you and the car in front of you. If you don't, and he brakes suddenly - you're toast.

Thais are amongst the politest people in the world, so why can't people in this country show each other more respect and courtesy on the road? A traffic intersection, without a visible police officer, is a free-for-all, anything goes and usually does.

If you leave the scene of a serious motor accident that you have caused, where there is obvious human suffering involved, your license should be removed for life. It's not a game, your thoughtlessness kills. Imagine for a minute that it is your loved one who is left to die in the middle of the road by some inconsiderate and paranoid driver. so let's start showing some basic human decency and stop this senseless carnage. Caring is part of driving.
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