Beat the heat and traffic with Bangkok’s only FlowRider® simulated wave surfing machine, located in Flow House Bangkok,  the complex also features a bar, restaurant & plunge pool – you will get everything you need to chill and relax and get away from all the stresses of chaotic Bangkok in one easy-to-reach downtown location. 

FlowRider® was developed in San Diego, and there are around 100 machines worldwide, Bangkok’s FlowRider® was opened a year ago by Jay Bunnag and his two partners. “We wanted to do something unique and sporty with a positive vibe that could be enjoyed and accessed by a wide cross-section of people, either for sport or leisure,’ says Jay. “We also wanted to create a beach environment that could be enjoyed by families.” 

“There aren’t many new activities in Bangkok, most are based around the shopping mall, traditional tourist attractions, or expensive sports clubs — there was nothing like Flow House or FlowRider® here before.” 

At Flow House Bangkok, instruction and equipment are included in the fee, and though you do share the machine with others, Flow House only sells a maximum of twenty tickets an hour, so the queue is never too long and the instructors ensure that everyone gets an equal amount of time on the wave. “Basically, you just need to show up with your shorts and you are good to go,” Jay says.  Entry to Flow House Bangkok is totally free and the rack-rate price is Bt750 per hour for access to the wave, there are a variety of passes and daily promotions however that reduce the price considerably. 

The company’s retail partner is Rip Curl, which has an official shop on site, and sponsors competitions throughout the year. There are also FlowRiders® in Phuket, Kuala Lumpur (in a water park), Singapore, Saipan and they will soon open in Manila and Bali. There’s even an Asian Flow Tour, so the sport is growing quickly.

Jay says most kids get the hang of FlowRider® very quickly, “it’s a perfect introduction to water and board sports, they can pick it up in an hour.  We get a lot of positive feedback from parents too because their kids now have somewhere else to hang out other than the mall and something else to do besides staying at home watching TV or playing video games.”           

How the FlowRider works

The FlowRider generates a thin sheet of water which flows over a hill-like shape in the form of a flawless ocean wave. The resulting wavelike shape and fast-running water gives athletes of all ages the thrill of surfing. The FlowRider® is a unique innovation in water rides that is fun for everyone from kids to adults, but especially for that 13–29 age group; those who are so historically hard to impress, but who become addicted to the thrill and challenge of riding the FlowRider®

The FlowRider appeals to a variety of board-sports athletes – surfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, skimboarding, skateboarding – and the learning curve takes time, but is steep as riders progress from riding in a prone position on bodyboards, to standing up on flowboards, to doing ollies and flip tricks. The first ride on a FlowRider? can turn into a life-time addiction, as first-time riders become repeat riders, and repeat riders become lifetime loyalists.

What is Flowboarding

Flowboarding is a hybrid boardsport, which has been evolving since the 1980s. The sport combines the progression, maneuvers, and skills from the core action sports of skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding and to a lessor extent, wakeboarding and skimboarding. These boardsports have a strong influence on flowboarding’s direction, style, and energy. Amateur to top professional action sports athletes find flowboarding to be one more pumping board sport to fix their adrenaline needs, as well as an epic cross-over sport.  

 Imagine not having to wait for swells or perfect surf conditions--not having to wait in a lift line or for a winter storm to cover your mountain. And, one of the best benefits - there’s no more cement to cause the dreaded “road-rash.”  Wave Loch’s FlowRider® provides an endless ride with the ability for athletes to perform a variety of skate tricks and carves.   

The disciplines of flowboarding include stand-up riding and bodyboarding. While the core followers may be 13-29 years old, there are rippers of all ages worldwide.  It is truly a versatile sport for all ages that can meet the diverse needs of each of its participants.  While some of the more advanced riders are driven by adrenaline and trick progression, others find enjoyment in a ride grounded in exercise.  From a kickflip to a rodeo flip, flowboarding is quickly progressing and gaining traction around the globe.

Mavericks Restaurant and Sports Bar – the Flow House restaurant 

The brand new Mavericks Restaurant and Sports Bar shows another side to Flow House Bangkok – delicious homemade Pizza, awesome prime beef Burgers, amazing Hot-Dogs and delicious Thai-Food. 

On the second floor and offering an jaw-dropping view of the FlowRider® is the Mavericks Sports Bar, multiple flat screen TVs show the latest live sports action from the EPL, NFL, NHL and F1, there’s also a games room featuring a Dartboard, Pool table and Foosball table.  


Flow House Bangkok is open every day of the year including public holidays. It is located downtown on Sukhumvit Soi 26 inside the A-Square community mall; opposite K-Village and Big-C. Hours are Mon-Fri 10am-midnight; Sat-Sun 8am-midnight. 

Contact Info: 

(+66) 81 348 3304

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